Rev. Mark Kuether has served congregations in Washington, Iowa, and Minnesota since 1988. He has provided leadership in various community and Wider Church settings, including the Executive Council of the United Church of Christ. He began serving in Detroit Lakes in 1999.



Pastor Mark Kuether
Office Manager Carlene Hisgun
Music Director Renee Holm
Custodian Joy Herbst

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
9:00 a.m. until Noon


Church Moderator David Moen
Vice Moderator Lynn Anderson
Clerk Carol Moore
Financial Administrator Gini Kleingartner
Christian Education Chair Brook Pederson
Board of Trustees Chair Richard Hennings
Diaconate Chair Mike Nustad
Board for Congregational Life Chair Nancy Hayle
Board for Stewardship Chair Marv Enslin
Congregational Church Foundation Chair Matt Casey
Pastoral Relations Chair David Moen
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